Friday, August 19, 2011

On Nantucket

Here I am on the day of my solo show at Quidley.  Its been a wonderful week weather wise.  Ive been doing some pleinAir pieces.  Nothing better to be outside painting.  This year though, with all the rain we've had, there  are so many mosquitos and green heads.  The repelant doesn't  do much for green heads.
Had to do ocean scenes, less bugs.  I've had some pre sales and a couple of commissions this week.
Very encouraging.  Did my last sunset painting yesterday at twilight for the show.  I am hoping for a good turnout.
I haven't been blogging here on Island because there hasn't been internet service. It comes and goes.
I will keep you posted on the outcome of my show.  Happy painting

    Polpis at sunset  pleinAir                                                                                                                               Oil on board     10x18                         

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