Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back At Studio....Bummer

Well,  I am back at my studio easel for a while. I am trying to plan a Bar Harbor painting trip with some painter friends of mine.  The smell of Fall is in the air and its almost back at school time.  The vegetable garden is close to its last legs and getting over whelmed with weeds.

I woul like to start one of my commissions before I venture out to pleinAir for a while, just to get some income.
My show was a great time.  Well attended. plenty of past collectors as well as new ones.  The paintings weren't flying off the wall as past years but I had,  and still going on,  some respectable sales.

I am hoping to get to Santa Fe before year's end to do some south western paintings for one of my galleries there, Gerald Peters Galleries.

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