Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Painting The Coast of Rhode Island's Ocean House Resort at Watch Hill.

Hi,  This past labor Day weekend, on Sunday,  I was invited by Russell Jinishian,  one of the nation's leading specialists in 19th,  20th,  and 21st century marine art in America and Europe, to paint on the lovely grounds of the Ocean House resort in Westerly Rhode Island. The Hotel sits on the top of Watch Hill,  a quaint, nautical village.

This majestic, victorian style  hotel originally opened in 1868 and catered to the era's high society that offered croquet on the lawn,  bathing and sailing and afternoon tea. It cost $150M to be  restored to It's original state and it was truly beautiful.

I met my colleagues at 10:30 a. m.  and shortly after our greetings we set out to paint.  We needed to complete the paintings by 4pm for a group recepting in the lobby.  There were many large paintings of
ours already hanging in the lobby as part of a month long marine exhibition and the plein air paintings that we were to complete added a bit more glamor and also reinforced the possibility to sell our work.

I decided to paint the "Watch Hill Lighthouse" sitting out on the point.  The day started out sunny and hot, but as the day progressed, it turned rather cloudy and a bit  hazy.  I decided to paint the sun peeking through the haze.  I had to finish by 4pm.  I set up my gear on top of a small sandy plateau right behind the sea wall.

It was a day of intense observation,  but then again, It's always intense in plein air.
The tide was rapidly getting higher causing the waves to crash on the sea wall spraying a light mist all over my gear.  I new that I had to move back.  The crashing waves kept missing me by a foot.  I was very glad that the painting was close to completion.

I completed the painting in just under 3 hours.  The 4 pm deadline kept the painting loose, fresh and spontaneous.  I am hoping to return next season. I was invited  by owner, Chuck Royce to be an "Artist in Residence" in the Spring. of 2012.  I diddn't have to think twice about it. I gladly accepted.  This plein air painting was framed and put on an easel in the lobby. And is offered for purchase.  Please contact The Russell  Jinishian Gallery
http://www.jrusselljinishiangallery.com/  at 203-259-8753

Me and my collegues that were invited.

Until next time,  Happy Painting.


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  2. Beautiful! We need one of Century House, Nantucket :)

  3. Sergio:
    You sure handled that water beautifully. I have always liked the way you do that!

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