Thursday, September 15, 2011

The American Society Of Marine Artists 15th National Museum Show.

My submission for the ASMA 15th National exhibition will be  "The Boathouse" Lake Winnipesaukee.

I was invited up to the Lakes region by one of my galleries.  It was a beautiful day do paint outdoors. I stumbled upon this striking motif in the distance that attracted my attention.  There was some sailing activity in the distance but I wanted a catboat in the foreground to balance my composition. 

The lake is enormous. It's the largest lake in New Hampshire. It covers about 69 square miles  with depths up to 200 ft.  It's 21 miles long and contains many Islands.

The Native American name Winnipesaukee means "Smile of the Great Spirit" The Winnipesaukee Indians lived and fished there at a village called Aquadocton.  On this particular day the Great Spirit was smiling down on me  as I completed the plein air for this larger piece.

This painting will travel to 7 museums across the USA.  in a 3 year exhibition.

Cornell Museum of Art, Delray, FL

Mobile Museum of Art,  Mobile,  AL                                 

Art Museum of southeast Texas,  Beaumont,  TX

Museum of the Southwest,  Midland,  TX

The Haggin Museum,  Stockton, CA

Coos Art Museum,  Coos Bay,  OR

Minnesota Museum of Marine Art,  Winoma,  MN

Please check back soon, 
Happy painting

    Plein air at Echo Lake N.H.

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